Shuangln Convergence Media Technical Seminar 2016-1!

The 2016-1 Technical Seminar of Shuangln in April 13-16 themed as “Cloud based Convergence Media All-in-one” was a complete success. We are honored to have over 160 representatives’ attendance from radio and TV stations with more than 400 people. The content, organization and significance have won acclaim from industry and relevant authority.

Grand Opening at conference hall and Live to Company session

Honorable Guest Speaker

Live Interaction with Convergence Media system of Shuangln

Lucky Draw Platform Interaction

App and Social Media Platform Live Interaction

New Product Launched

Recording and Live Broadcasting Audio Mixer All-in-one

Customers Communicate and interact at Company Session

With 20 years experience at broadcast equipments manufacture, Hunan Shuangln has become one of the most professional Radio&TV system integrators in industry. Sincere thanks to all customers supporting Shuangln!

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