SLAS-0801D/IP Audio Routing Switcher

SLAS series Audio Switcher is specially designed to meet the need of audio signals routing and switching in Programming, broadcasting, master control and transmission. Widely used in radio stations, security centers, traffic systems, etc. It is the key equipment for full-automatic broadcasting and controlling that makes the unattended operation available.

SLAS-0801D/IP is the model with AOIP interface, connect AOIP networks for broadcasting or monitoring.

Main Features:

Compatible with PGM and PST output simultaneously。

6 channels (ch.1-6) AES3 audio inputs, support SPDIF input.

2 channels AOIP inputs from any networking stereo audio signals.

1 AES/EBU output, 1 analog stereo monitoring output.

Support selecting 6 channels inputs and switched audio into AOIP networks。

Support AOIP standby transmission.

Optional LCD display and “loop” functions.

CH 1 bypass on power failure。 Auto Memory recovery。

With monitoring earphone jack, volume is adjustable by front panel knob,

With VU meter, monitor output status.

With RS232 interface, Remote control is available by panel or PC program.

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