SLAR-1000 Audio Router

SLAR-1000is an audio Router with AOIP interfaces. It designed as a router and audio converter, which convert different signals inputs/outputs. Widely used in signals distribution and monitoring.

   Main Features:
   Support Analog L/R stereo, Digital AES3, AOIP input/output。
Ÿ   Support A/D、D/A convert.
Ÿ   Support selecting 4 local stereo audio, output to AOIP networks.
Ÿ   Support output 4 stereo audio from AOIP sources.
Ÿ   Input/output channels can be recognized from indicator at front panel.
Ÿ   Support AOIP standby transmission.
Ÿ   Optional LCD display and “loop” functions。
Ÿ   Redundant power with heat backup。

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