Analog Audio Matrix Switcher

Switch, distribute and transmit different audio signals are most usual operations for programming, broadcasting, monitoring and transmission in radio stations, security centers, traffic systems, or any occasions need signals dispatch。 All the distributions are done by large-scale audio matrix。 SLAS series Audio Matrix is specially designed for signals routing in matrix over 16 channels。
Main Features:
Matrix Audio Switcher for 16x, 32x models.
Adopt LSI, modular design, plate structure, heat-backup and redundant power。
Memory on power failure。
Independent control panel design for easy operation.
Support PC control program to control。
RS-232, RS-485 interface, connects with multiple panels for centralized control.
Add TCP/IP network interface optional。

SLAS1608B  16 Analog inputs,8matrix outputs
SLAS1616B  16 Analog inputs,8matrix outputs
SLAS3216B  32 Analog inputs,16matrix outputs
SLAS3232B  32 Analog inputs,32matrix outputs
SL6800-RCP Remote panel for switching (16x16, 32x32)
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