Ø  SL5000B true color Logo & Title Insert System can display true color animated station logos and crawls, it houses a system which enables real-time display of animated station logo and titles as well as insertion of graphics and titles. It is cost effective with a comprehensive capability to satisfy overlay of station logos, graphics, crawls, and clocks.

Ø  Characteristics:

32 true color, 256 transparencies

Display of true color animated station logo, digital clock, crawl, animated title, test card, color bar

Timed insertion of titles flying from left or top

Display of multiple animated station logos and crawls, adjustable in a full screen

Auto switch of internal and external time base, luminance and chrominance adjustable

Output with key, configurable with broadcast controller and key mixer amplifier Anti-jitter, clear display of titles and graphics

Compound, Y/C (S-Video) input and output slot

Bypass on power failure



Ø  Models:


Industrial computer

P4 3.0G/1G/160G/DVD/17”LCD


Broadcast quality logo & title card compound, Y/C


Real color animated logo, title and crawl software

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