SL800-HD Logo Generator

SL800-HD is a high quality logo and time mark generator for HD/SD. Built-in 128M memory provides full bandwidth, uncompress 4:2:2 quality static or animated logos. It allows overlay 4 logos and 1 time mark at the same time, each logo has full width Luminance, with precise liner control. SL800 Series Logo Generator provides impressive logos with no distortion, non-flicking, no-jitter but clear, smooth and natural images.   



Main Features:

Advanced FPGA, ARM technology

Support 1080i50 HD KEY and FILL signals output

24bit Processing, Full-bandwidth, uncompressed 4:2:2 static or animated logos

Overlay up to 3 static, 1 animated HD logos and 1 time mark

Effects with still, dynamic true color, gradient, translucent, transparent and emboss, etc

Free adjustment of logo display time and position

Support external phase locking, Fields and lines adjustable

Key delay time adjustable

Time mark display settable, Hourly, Half-hourly, Digit clock display, etc。




SL800-HD   HD-SDI signal, animated logo, animated sub-logo (Time mark, LTC correction), 1 KEY &FILL outputs。 


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